About Us & Contacts


Social Meeting to discuss teams, on 15th Feb, at Caraway in Carmarthen

15th  April,  22nd May,  17th June,  31st September

further information to follow, any queries, please contact Maxine

25th Feb 2018     Winter Series    Carmarthen College schedule

22nd April 2018   Winter Series       TBC

                               SUMMER TREC DATES ALREADY FIXED

25th March           Norton Villa,  In aid of the Dean Mason Fund

13th May              Atherston,  Near Canaston Woods

15th July              Langhane, 

31st Aug               Summer Camp for 3 days, on Llanllwni Mountain

We are hoping to hold 3 Trec Training days 1 in March, June and August
details and dates to be confirmed, keep watching

Please check out our Facebook Page for more details and info on events.

Should you require further information, please contact any of the committee

All events require helpers to run, so if you can't ride, please come and have fun by helping, and learning at the same time.  Many thanks