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  Updated 18th January 2018

Sponsors of the Winter Arena Trec Series

Our club is going from strength to strength, and more members joining all the time!  Our events are always well supported, with everyone going away happy with their achievements.  We still aim to be a low key group, with emphasis on fun with our horses. Help is always on hand, so no pressure or stress required,  Happy Days!!!  


Due to certain circumstances our Winter Series Trec on the 21st January has had to be postponed.
A new proposed date is   the 22nd April, further details to follow!

We are also introducing some new obstacles, so come and give them a try, and have some fun
all events are now indoors, so it dose not matter about this horrid weather!

                                               2018  AGM

The Landsker AGM is being held on the 30th January, at the Redford Caravan site club house, thanks to Sarah Gately Preace!  We hope of many of you as possible will attend, and bring your views and ideas to the club for the forthcoming year!

There will be a raffle and a buffet, (please bring a plate of something)
We will also be presenting the Trophies and Rossetts, which were not given out at the presentation evening, so please come and support your friends.


The popular training events with Emma Wilson at Norton Villa, are back on track, so if you want to book the next session please contact Maxine

Maxine is looking to put an Endurance team together for 2018,so should you wish to join them,
there is to be a social meeting at the Caraway in Carmarthen on the 15th Feb, please let us know if you wish to attend.

The Dressage team, really enjoyed the British Dressage Team Quest competitions which ran throughout the year. The Team just missed out on qualifying for the Regional Finals, and two riders, almost made it into the My Quest finals. So this coming season the team intends to start earlier, and maybe get higher up the table, next year. Its a way to compete in dressage without the stress and rules of main stream dressage, and its great team fun. We hope when the weather improves to hold a few training sessions, so keep an eye on the events page.  If you want to join us, or find out more please contact Wendy Barnard.     

Important Please Note:- To be eligible to enter any of our events in this new year, riders will have to be wearing the new regulation riding hat. Please ensure you are legal. A copy of the new rules can be found on our facebook page, or via the British Horse Society website. Hat guidelineshere             

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